Famous TV Kellys release new records

Allison Corneau

Turning on the radio today can usually result in hearing the sounds of all too familiar pop music, but two refreshing additions to the music world are girls with a similar name, but a noticeably different style.
Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Osbourne are fresh-faced novices on the music block with a common goal of getting their new material out to the public.
Clarkson is a relative newcomer to fame, as she captured the title of “American Idol,” after months of grueling song competitions on the Fox Channel’s new hit reality show.
She emerged victorious after beating out 10,000 “Idol” hopefuls, including runner-up Justin Guarini. Her new CD hit shelves Sept. 17.
The 20-year-old songbird from Burleson, Texas, has adjusted quite well to her newfound fame. A one-time cocktail waitress, Kelly has now recorded her debut single, “A Moment Like This,” as well as a video, “Before Your Love,” soon to debut on MTV.
“I love doing videos, but my all-time favorite is the live performances,” said Clarkson, referring to the television series that required contestants to sing and perform live each week.
The contestants’ performances were judged, and Kelly made it as a finalist. She took the talent crown.
Although her life has been a whirlwind in the past few weeks, Clarkson still remains humble and sticks to her roots.
“My friends know I’ll always be me,” she said. “I have done so many jobs and to just come home and love the one I have [is special].”
The petite Clarkson said that although she has trouble keeping up with the day-to-day tasks as a pop sensation, she will only “get worried when people don’t call.”
This fall she goes on tour with fellow “American Idol” singers to promote her own, as well as the collective “American Idol” albums, soon to be released.
Osbourne, however, is no stranger to the glamour of Hollywood.
Her famous heavy metal father Ozzy Osbourne, of Black Sabbath fame, raised offspring Kelly and Jack during his years as a touring rocker.
Doting dad Ozzy has also helped his daughter define her musical niche, as she recently released her debut single, a punk-inspired cover of Madonna’s 1986 hit, “Papa Don’t Preach.” The punk princess’ single surpassed the expectations of many music fans and critics, landing “The Osbournes” soundtrack at number 13 on the Billboard charts.
Osbourne has seen her share of celebrities as her family has been chronicled on the MTV reality show, “The Osbournes.”
Peppered with more than a normal tally of curse words for an MTV show, 17-year-old Kelly is making her fair contributions to the obscenity count.
A strange twist of fate came Sept. 22, when the cursing family won their first Emmy Award. They were golden winning for Outstanding Non-fiction Show, an award for newer network reality shows, beating HBO’s “Taxi Cab Confessions” and TLC’s “Trauma Life in ER.”
Kelly Osbourne, however, realizes she is more than fortunate to be in the position she is in.
“I consider myself lucky, because I know there are people who can [sing] better than I can,” she said. “My father gives me advice. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for him.”
The British metal family has had a setback recently with mother Sharon battling colon cancer and undergoing chemo-therapy as Ozzy had to cancel many dates on his Ozz Fest circuit.
Osbourne and family are gearing up for a second season of “The Osbournes,” which hits MTV the same time her new record comes out.
The punk icon’s yet untitled album is to be fostered by the Sony-Epic record label and is being produced by Rick Wake, ironically, whose credentials include records by Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez.