SADD determined to educate about risks

Emily Wakeman

Do you think about the negative consequences before getting in the car with a friend who’s had too much to drink? SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, is determined to make you think about these situations.
SADD is an organization that has chapters in various high schools and colleges across the country.
On campus, SADD is a group comprised of Quinnipiac students whose goal is to educate their fellow students on the risks and dangers involved with making certain decisions. The group organizes activities and events throughout the year that allow them to get their message across to the rest of the student body.
Christine Bremer, president of the organization, said that SADD will have a difficult task this year. Due to several alcohol related deaths that occurred last year, SADD has the additional task this year of addressing the issues surrounding those incidents.
“We will address [drinking and driving] more and encourage people to think before getting in the car with anyone who has been drinking,” Bremer said.
In doing this, SADD hopes to prevent more of such incidents from occurring.
Not only does SADD discourage students from drinking and driving, they inform them on many other issues as well. They deal with many of the current issues and dangers that college students today may face and the consequences that result from unsafe actions.
SADD sponsors many events throughout the school year to provide information to the student body, as well as to persuade them to be safe and to think carefully before doing something potentially harmful to themselves or to others. Some of what SADD considers their most important events include the upcoming Mock Car Crash and the AIDS Quilt project.
The month of October is Alcohol and Drug Awareness Month, so SADD will be heavily involved with Quinnipiac’s activities and will be aiding Student Affairs with many of the programs planned to inform students of the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Aside from the Mock Car Crash which will be held on Oct. 4, SADD will also be providing the students with information at a table set up in the Student Center.
“SADD’s main mission is to make students aware of the situations they’ll face, make wise choices, and think of the consequences before taking actions,” said Bremer, and added that SADD primarily wants to protect their peers from endangering themselves or others by making poor decisions.
SADD meetings are held every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the Echlin Health Science Center, room 102. At the meetings, members discuss the events that are planned for that month. They also get feedback and ideas from members for possible events.
For more information, call SADD’s office at x8348 or contact Chapter President Christine Bremer or Adviser Jennifer Mendicino.