Hillel hosts Jewish events


Where is it possible play Capture the Israeli flag, attend a pajama party, see movies and have pizza parties? You can find these events being organized by Hillel, a student-run organization open to everyone who wants to take part in social and religious events focusing on Jewish heritage.
“People should join Hillel because it’s a friendly open community that educates and enlightens Quinnipiac University on the Jewish culture and religion,” said Jon Kroll, president of Hillel.
Hillel has already sponsored several events for Rosh Hashanah, a Yom Kippur Break-fast and a pizza party behind Alumni Hall.
Kroll said Hillel meetings each have a different purpose. There are four committees on Hillel. Joint Programming Committee work with other student organizations and Hillel’s at other colleges and Universities. The Spirituality Committee puts together religious programming on campus. The Special Events Committee puts together Mock Bar-Mitzvah, guest speakers and other special events and the Conference Committee organizes the conferences that members attend.
Hillel meets every Sunday at 7 p.m. in SC 213. For more information, contact Sam Straussner at Samantha.Straussner @quinnipiac.edu or Jon Kroll at [email protected]