Addition to cafeteria staff brings ‘four star quality’

Kellie Gleeson

On Dec.1, Quinnipiac gained a new member to its constantly growing family.
One will be able to see this new face when going into cafeteria. This man’s name is Bernard Buba. Buba is taking the position of executive chief in the cafeteria.
Buba received his culinary degree from the New Hampshire Culinary Institute. Following the completion at the New Hamshire Culinary Institute, Buba began his career working at four-star restaurants, as well as at other various colleges.
Buba said, “I like working in college’s better. I have vacations and summers off. Plus, I get to spend more time with my family.”
Chief Bernard Buba has a lot of aspirations for the Quinnipiac Cafeteria. His philosophy is as follows: “A four-star quality should be bought to any college campus.”
We will see his philosophy shine though in many ways. Buba has already started and will continue to improve the quality of the food and selections. Buba and the Chartwells Company new vegetarian section has already become a success. The new vegeterian section will serve tofu, tempa, and vegetarian Asian cooking. He wants to make the Quinnipiac family happy.
Buba and Chartwells are also making plans to improve the actually dinning hall itself. They are planning to make a new kitchen area as well as a new serving area. This will elevate lines and more people will be able to be served.
If you have any questions that you want to ask about the food, the cafeteria in general, or other changes, don’t be afraid to ask Chief Buba. Once a month he will set up a manager’s table so any sugestions or comments can be shared with him.
If your question can’t wait, don’t be afraid to talk to him. He will be the man dressed in all white.