Game room works to attract more students

Karen Grennan

The directors of the Carl Hansen Student Center and the staff are hoping to make changes in the game room, in the attempts to bring in more students.
Several projects for the game room, which is located on the second floor of the Carl Hansen Student Center, to the right of the radio station, are underway, according to Hope Zettwoch, assistant director of the Carl Hansen Student Center.
Zettwoch said the game room needs more publicity in making students aware of the movie tickets being promoted as well as the possibility of pool tournaments and open game nights.
“I think the game room staff and the manager have ideas about how to improve and make the game room more interesting,” said Zettwoch.
This year, the game room is open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight. It has added new furniture including couches, televisions, computers, a CD player and new games. New equipment was purchased for the pool tables and they are all in working order.
Students who work in the game room said they would like to see more students enjoy what the game room offers.
“Obviously, I would like more people to come into the game room,” said work-study student Nancy Provod. “I would like to make it more inviting here with new paint and new pool tables, but it is not in the budget.”
Provod said that the volume of students using the game room appears to have picked up, and that there are usually at least five people that come into the game room during each of her hour-long shifts.
Zettwoch said the game room staff is now starting to keep headcounts of the amounts of people who frequent the game room to know the volumes.
“I go to the game room because I like playing pool,” said Christian Pizzimeti. “It is also quality time with friends.”
Game room manager, student Tara Faldman, said she would like to make the game room more approachable to students. She said more programs are going to be brought to the game room, and in the near future games may work off of the Q-card.
“I would like to let more people know about the game room,” she said. “The game room can be an alternate to drinking on weekends or used during any down time during the day.”