Student fights disability

Landon Potts had an interesting transition when she transfered into Quinnipiac.
Potts, who is in a wheelchair, requires personal assistance from the students at the university. She has an undiagnosed neuro-muscular disease.
This disease affects the motor systems, meaning her spinal cord, and nerves are injured.
Potts said she has accepted this disease, but has been disabled her entire life.
Her transition, regardless of her disability, has been a good experience.
“Everyone has always been very helpful to me,” said Potts. “Thankfully, I’ve met some great physical therapy, occupational therapy and nursing majors, who have been very understanding and helpful to me.”
This personal assistance involves having people to help her get out of bed in the morning, get dressed and undressed, showering, using the bathroom and getting into bed at night.
“This system is very accommodating to me,” said Potts.
Potts said she has no trouble in the classroom environment.
Her professors and fellow students are very accepting of having the wheelchair present.
However, Quinnipiac has had to do some adjusting to deal with her disability.
Potts said university officials were shocked when they found out that she was in a wheelchair and needed assistance.
“They seemed overwhelmed at first by having a student here who was not only in a wheelchair, but needed personal assistance as well,” said Potts.
Now, the university has made every effort to be accommodating and helpful.
“I just hope that me being here will be a learning experience for Quinnipiac,” said Potts. “It’s all about having a ‘can do’ attitude. I really don’t let things get me down, because I want to be positive about life. I just don’t give up.”