Iraq rebuttal

Anthony Pellegrino

It is unfortunate that a student, who possesses such stylistic grace with the pen, has fallen victim to the liberal ideology of his professors, and the mass media which surrounds him.
I happened to read Joe Reynolds’ column entitled, “The World in Limbo: Bush’s Inaction on Iraq” on the anniversary of the Sept.11 attacks, and was shocked by the lack of urgency, so similar to that found in our country before last September.
Furthermore, I was saddened by his inability to put partisan issues behind, in the face of such a clear danger. In these last few months our president has both defined who we are as a people and stiffened our resolve, rising to tragedy as few other presidents have.
By characterizing the current Republican administration as a corrupt international bully, Reynolds simultaneously pays lip serivce to his liberally biased professors, and does the President who is protecting him a great disservice.
The case for regime change in Iraq, while involving many gray areas and complicated issues, remains very much black and white. Before Sept. 11, the American intelligence community often either missed important signs of danger, or was ignored by policy makers. A year later, 1960s era liberals, and the university students whom they attempt to indoctrinate, continue to ignore signs of impending danger.
Influenced by a selfish international community and political correctness gone mad, these people put your safety at risk. These people need to ask themselves, “Why would the President risk the lives of our soldiers, his own prestige, and his presidency on regime change in Iraq, if there was not a clear and present danger from Iraq?”
They constantly assail his Administration for being “too political,” but what political sense is there in this move if not to defend our country? Reynolds goes on to cite Bush 41 advisers, who are cautioning the current Bush on action in Iraq. With all do respect, these advisers are selfishly sacrificing our national security, in the name of defending their own reputations.
Bowing to U.N. resolutions and international pressure is what got us into this mess in the first place. If our leadership’s resolve had been strong enough to go alone in the Gulf War, and rid the world of Saddam Hussein, we would not be facing these problems now.
Each European country which opposes regime change in Iraq has their own clandestine reasons for doing so, and the longer we listen to them, the more danger we put ourselves in. These comments will be characterized as short sighted by your professors, and they will give you a myriad of reasons why. A rebuttal to all their possible responses would take more room than I am alloted here, but remember, in war there are winners and losers. On Sept. 11 we lost. This Republican administration is trying to not let us loose again. Very black and white.
The stereotypical characterization of this Republican Administration, and our President as a mindless idiot incapable of independent thinking and manipulated by his subordinates is ridiculous. The average citizens of this country refuse to believe these lies, despite the constant haranguing upon them by biased academic elites and mass media.
When Joe Reynolds characterizes conservative ideology as one of battlefield bravado, corporate abuse and stagnate economics, while calling on the President to heed the warnings of past policy makers, he falls victim to the seductive collectivist ideology which dominates academic and media elites.
It is unfortunate that these people are so willing to compromise other’s safety, in the name of their own selfish goals. I urge my fellow students to think critically about what their professors say and what television tells you.
Put smooth talk aside, and think of the consequences of another 9/11. Only imagine it on a much larger scale with weapons of mass destruction, and then ask yourself, is it worth being a team player? Use your common sense and you won’t have to think long.