Betzalie Colon gets full ride

Jenn Press

College costs money. That’s where scholarships occur. Quinnipiac University offers scholarships for those in the top ten percent tile who have exceptional SAT scores. Quinnipiac freshman, Betzalie Colon, was given that oppertunity being the lucky one percent to recieved a full ride in coming to the university.
Quinnipiac also offers many versions of financial aid and scholarships, including the diversity scholarship, the Quinnipiac sibling award, the international student scholarship, and athletic scholarships, which are just a few ways to help students defray the cost of tuition.
Born in Hamden, Conn., Colon was introduced to Quinnipiac University at a young age. Her middle school was associated with a joint partnership with the university where students spent the night here on campus.
Since that time, she fell in love with the school, and it became her first choice. Six years later, Colon was accepted with a full scholarship.
At the end of her eighth grade year, Colon’s middle school chose students based on their academics to be rewarded a scholarship. This privilege continued as she maintained her grades in high honors.
After being accepted to Quinnipiac University, she was awarded the Betsy Ross academic scholarship, and the diversity scholarship for her Puerto Rican decent from her previous school. Colon was also awarded the diversity scholarship from Quinnipiac.
The Betsy Ross scholarship awarded her with full tuition, and in addition to the grants and scholarships, Colon was awarded over $30,000 to attend her first choice university.
This honor was awarded to Colon based on her transcript that was sent with her application.
Colon mentioned that in her high school she was considered a majority, but now she is faced with the opposite situation. She is adjusting well, but she is still having a difficult time being accepted at Quinnipiac.
Being a minority, she feels intimidated at times trying to adjust, but plans to be involved in diversity awareness on campus.
She is interested in the Student Government Association, and enjoys music, reading, and socializing.
“I fee privileged to be here,” said Colon. “Quinnipiac has great academics, a beautiful campus, and the professors are nice. It’s an all around great package to be given for doing well,” she said.