SGA responds to public criticism

The mission statement of the Student Government Association:
“The Quinnipiac University Student Government Association (SGA) provides active representation of its constituents, fights for the resolution of student concerns and strives to create innovative, educational and exciting programs.
In addition, Student Government enhances the Quinnipiac University community by providing student leadership development, supporting student organizations and encouraging student fellowship. Through the display of skilled leadership, diligent perseverance and operative devotion, Student Government is committed to student achievement.”
Over the past year Student Government has achieved numerous goals. We put clocks in the library, constructed a carpool lot and advocated for a library that would remain open after midnight, just to name a few.
SGA was consulted in the mascot change, the new alcohol policy and the shuttle service on campus. These are some serious changes made with the help of SGA. But, the answer to your question Mr. Hughes, is no. Our own national government does far more than this, and for you to compare the two is absolutely preposterous.
Yes, Student Government does put together a significant amount of programming, and we suggest you check your records before you state that most students are not interested. We offer a variety of programming, ten different styles.
The Student Programming Board puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into all of their programs. You probably missed the “Real Worlders” last weekend, but if you didn’t, you must have noticed the 600 plus students who found that interesting.
Thank you for stating that Student Government members are the most popular students on campus. With that said, we are also the most concerned students on campus. Call us popular, but we are just doing our job. We are out meeting new people, talking to them about their concerns, and bringing them to our organization. Would it be better if people were not familiar with us?
You make one incredible unwarranted assumption: popular students are not philosophical nor are they intellectual. Sit down, Mr. Hughes, with an SGA member, and we assure that you will be quite surprised by the intellect our organization displays. You are welcome to criticize our organization, but do not dare insult our intelligence.
According to you, Mr. Hughes, SGA has no influence on this campus and the Student Center staff is our puppeteers. The Student Center staff is merely the advisors to our organization. They are there to answer our questions and show a little light.
Again, check our records. We have students attending Board of Trustees, Academic Integrity Policy and Drug and Alcohol Task Force meetings and soon the Faculty Senate. We do the walking, we schedule the meetings and we get the answers.
You have made one other assumption that “the major goal of SGA members seems to be padding a resume rather than bringing about change.” Again, we are the most concerned students on campus and our resumes are the last of those concerns. We strive to bring change to our campus and happiness amongst our peers.
The next time you decide to criticize our organization, do so with facts and not assumptions.
We (SGA) challenge you to get to know our organization before criticizing it. Our office is open and if not, there are 41 popular, philosophical, and intellectual SGA members who would be more than willing to discuss our organization with you.