WRECK of the week: Judge Trudy won’t handle Amanda’s DUI

Matt Busekroos

Is that a blowfish? No, it’s Amanda Bynes, who was just busted for a DUI last Friday in Los Angeles. In the mugshot, Bynes sports purple hair, which looks disastrous. She looks like an Easter egg.

Bynes, 26, reportedly got into a minor accident with a police officer. No word yet from the actress.

If only Bynes’ former Nickelodeon “All That” character from the segment “Ask Ashley” could react to this news now. There would be a lot of yelling and overacting going on. Her other famous character from “The Amanda Show,” Judge Trudy, would not bring out the dancing lobsters fter this one.

In recent years, Bynes has appeared in films such as “Hairspray” and “Easy A.” While the actress hasn’t worked since 2010, she has primarily stayed out of the spotlight saving room for eternal hot mess Lindsay Lohan to hog the coverage.

There is no tolerance for that sort of behavior, assuming Bynes drove while under the influence of alcohol. The possibility of hitting and potentially killing someone due to this careless behavior is selfish, dangerous and destructive.

There have been many actors along the way who have recovered after something like this. Bynes can too, but she needs a reality check. She is not Emma Stone or Amanda Seyfried or any other semi-beloved actress of her age range right now.

If Bynes ever wants success again, she needs to get herself together immediately.