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Apps for your health

Restaurant Nutrition

While dining out at a restaurant can be a nice break from the mundane food choices in Café Q, restaurant portions usually cause customers to overeat and pass the recommended calorie intake. This app allows users to access calorie information for specific dishes at specific restaurants. This app can access the nutritional values of foods from eateries such as Chili’s, Dairy Queen and Burger King, to name a few. According to LiveStrong, women ages 19 to 30 should consume an estimated 2,000 to 2,400 calories per day. Depending on height and activity level, men ages 19 to 30 should consume between 2,400 and 3,000 calories per day. By downloading the Restaurant Nutrition app, users can more easily monitor their calories while dining out.–N. Fano


For those who love to engage in relaxing exercise, Yoga STRETCH brings step-by-step yoga poses from the gym to your Smartphone. Users select the calming musical background of their choice, and follow the digital yoga instructor pose for pose. To maximize results, the app allows users to select which routine best fits one’s body type and skill level. The Mayo Clinic says regularly doing yoga can lead to reduced stress levels, increased balance and flexibility, as well as weight loss. –N. Fano

My Fitness Pal

This free app allows users to track their calorie intake on a daily basis. With over 1.1 million options, locating what you’ve eaten is fast and simple. Users begin by creating a personal profile that contains weight, goal weight, and how many workouts per week you plan on doing. You can also customize how many pounds you want to lose each week. There are countless workouts to choose from, as well, so any type of workout can be entered into your daily profile. There really isn’t any easier or faster application than this for keeping track of your diet. –C. Boudreau

Fitocracy, Inc.

In this “videogame” app, the only levels you’ll be beating will be within your own fitness ability. With this app, you can track your workout progress, learn new exercises and in the end, become addicted to working out, much like that favorite videogame you had growing up. This app also serves as a community and forum to talk and look for inspiration with other “fitocrats.” This app is best for those who never cross “go to gym” off of their daily to-do list or search for detours and excuses to avoid the Fitness Center. This app on your phone, and the sense of immediacy that comes along with it only leaves room for motivation and no excuses to finally reach your health and fitness goals.–C. Burroni


Now that the sunny spring weather is here, more and more people are getting off the treadmill and getting outside. Use this app to keep track of everything the treadmill could tell you. Listen to your iPod and have your running route along New Road calculated. Set a mile mark, try to beat your best time, or try to go a little farther each time you head out in the sun for a run. Plus, this app helps you stay within your set “calorie budget,” helping users to eat healthy and connect with Facebook to keep up with other runners along the way.–C. Burroni

Paradise 1.0.1.

While we’re stressing in Club ABL, this app will take you out of your cubicle and bring you to a more peaceful place. Immerse yourself in a secret island, flowery meadows, a calm sea, mountain stream or a Yellowstone hot spring. Each scene has matching music and realistic sounds, adding additional ambiance and effects. It may seem awkwardly silly at first, but who wouldn’t want to be somewhere other than the “Lib” during an all-night study session? Take your mind somewhere else for a few minutes and then get back to work.–C. Burroni

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