Laughlin’s Mist-On-Tan provides protection from ultraviolet sunlight

For those students who are sick of hearing tanning can cause cancer and are tired of messy orange self-tanning products, then Dr. Thomas J. Laughlin’s Mist-On Tan is the answer to your prayers.
Laughlin, president of Laughlin Products Incorporated and mist on systems (MSI), is the inventor of this fine mist tanning that covers the body in less than one minute.
MSI manufactures the tanning units while Laughlin’s skin care products manufactures the tanning solutions used for misting and the skin products that were developed to accompany the mist.
In 1997, Laughlin teamed up with a Dallas based tanning-superstore chain. This helped him market the Mist-On tanning units. It turned out to be a success so Dr. Laughlin gave licensing rights to that chain so they could market their own design, known as Mystic Tan.
Many students at Quinnipiac University who study the body may have heard about this break through in technology. Most students do not know about the first Mist-On tanning unit in Connecticut, which is located right here in Hamden.
This remarkable replacement for UV rays can be found at 1869 Dixwell Ave in the Parkway Plaza. It is located right inside the Curves for Women fitness center, and is called New Image Mist-On Tanning. The booth has only been running for a month and a half, employers there have sold over 600 tanning sessions.
The Mist-On tan system is used for special occasions, including wedding parties, or for people who want a quick, easy and safe way to bronze their skin.
Mist-On tan eliminates damaging the skin, the risk of melanoma, and cuts the time of tanning measurably.
When arriving at the salon, approach the desk, sign a waiver and pay for the first Mist-On tan before entering the spacious booth. Upon entering the room remove all jewelry and make-up. There is make-up remover, tissues, and Q-tips available.
Two safety precautions used are a bouffant shower cap to protect your hair and cream barrier for hands and palms.
While in the tanning booth, turn your body around clockwise in four segments as a cold mist hits your body.
After you step out of the booth, you buff your skin with a soft towel in a straight vertical motion down your body, then you move the towel horizontally to achieve a perfectly even tan.
A person can go in pale and come out in a minute with a natural golden tan that last from seven to ten days.
One session of the Mist-On tan is $24.95, four sessions is $79.95, and 10 sessions is $139.95 at New Image Mist On Tanning.
The use of Mist-On tanning eliminates all the dangers of a tanning bed as well as the natural sun. Mist-On tanning is ultraviolet free, and is suppose to soften your skin with an aloe vera based moisturizer.
The misting does not give you any protection from the real sun so if you were to go outside for an extended period of time sun block is advised.
Mist-On tanning is the first invention that truly gives you the appearance of walking right off the beach without the danger of harming your skin. The reason this system is so unique is that it gives you results in under a minute.
Each person that is misted comes out different for the very reason that no one has the same skin pigment, therefore making this one minute tan look as natural as possible.