LCS spreads

Bruce Wallace

The Latino Cultural Society (LCS) is a student funded organization here at Quinnipiac University.
The main goal of LCS is to promote and conserve the Latino legacy and to spread Diversity among Quinnipiac students. LCS aims to advance involvement among students in the understanding of Latin culture. The group sponsors educational, cultural, social and recreational activities and provides various community services on and off campus.
“It’s been quite a trip,” said Schneider, who has been involved with LCS for three years.
Last semester the LCS sponsored a dinner for Quinnipiac students and their friends and families. During this dinner, the group held events such as Latin American dances, which are a mix of Salsa, Merengue, R&B and many others. New York City DJ’s presented the music.
The dinner is held each year, and LCS hopes for the dinner to happen again next spring.
“It’s not what one would expect, because it’s not like everyone in the club is Latino or Latina,” said Schneider. “It’s actually pretty Irish.”
LCS also does a lot of events with the Black Student Union and the Asian and Pacific Islanders association. For one of the dances that is co-sponsored by the Black Student Union, the admission to the event is a non-perishable food item donated by the group to area food pantries and soup kitchens.
Every Halloween LCS sponsors a night they call “Noche Buena,” which means “Frightful Fiesta.”
“The night is filled with excitement, music and other forms of entertainment,” said Schneider.
Schneider also said that each year two members go to the Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago. The society also offers some members to travel to the regional USHLI conference in Philadelphia, Pa.
While at the conferences, students learn about marketing, fundraising, government issues, lobbying, university issues, negotiating and scholarships available. They also get the opportunity to build a network with thousands of other students from across the country.
Some of the LCS members also attend conferences of the Connecticut Association of Latin-American Students in Higher Education and the Congress of Latin-American Students at colleges throughout Connecticut.
The LCS participates in activities with Hispanic student organizations at various schools, such as the University of Connecticut.
The society attends a weekend conference at Connecticut College, which allows them to go to Six Flags New England as well as take road-trips to Webster Hall and other New York City dance clubs.
Last semester the LCS did an event with a program caleld Kids Outreach. Members of the group went to a local elementary school and brought first and second grade students back to Quinnipiac to play games and at the same time learn things about diversity.
“Some students think that since this group is called the Latino Cultural Society, only students of Latino background can join,” said Schneider. “Any person can join, membership is open to all students.”
LCS has weekly meetings held in Echlin 102, every Monday at 4:30 p.m. Meetings range from 30 to 45 minutes.
For additional information please go to the Quinnipiac website, or email Michelle Schneider at [email protected]