8/23 – Illegal visitors, Village – Security officers responded to a report of three visitors who did not have passes. Trespassers caught and escorted off campus.

8/24 – Larceny, Village
– Student had coffee table stolen from Village outside west window, value $50. Under investigation.

8/25 – Vandalism, 75 Woodruff St. (off campus housing)
– Vehicle parked on street had its left front window broken by an unknown perpetrator. HPD investigating.

8/29 – False ID, Hill
– Student utilizing a false NJ drivers license on campus.
ID seized.

8/30 – Fight, Village
– Security officers responded to a report of fight. Upon arrival, fight had ended. three female students were found to have been participants. Referral to Residential Life.

8/30 – Tresspassers, Mountainview
– Two illegal visitors found on campus without visitor passes.
Escorted off campus.

8/31 – Illegal Fireworks, Hill
– Students discharging fireworks from balcony. Referral to Residential Life.

8/31 – HarassmentThreatening, Village
– Student threatened and harrassed by a second student via telephone and computer. Pending judicial hearing.