Mike Myers hints at future shags as ‘Goldmember’ succeeds this summer

Laura Maggio - Staff Writer

The third Austin Powers has hit theaters and is doing well since its opening on July 26.
The summer’s number one comedy sequel is witty and hilarious. Mike Myers has done it again in succeeding to make people laugh. Unlike the previous two, “Austin Powers” and “International Man of Mystery,” “Goldmember” includes more famous face cameos.
The faces range from Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow to Today Show anchor extraordinaire Katie Couric, good old Fred Savage as The Mole, and ever popular and outrageous MTV family the Osborne’s. Powers also teams up with his long lost father Nigel Powers, played by the one and only Michael Caine.
With the addition of Foxy Cleopatra, played by Destiny’s Child diva Beyonce Knowles, this film has the truest star studded cast of them all.
Knowles fills the shoes, and then some, of Powers’ former ladies of mystery, Heather Graham and Elizabeth Hurley.
In addition to Knowles’ incredible voice and dance moves, the film has a ‘shagadellic’ soundtrack with the new single “Boys” from Britney Spears, who also make a makes a cameo alongside Powers.
Of course we can’t leave out the return of our favorite characters Mini-Me, played by Verne Troyer, and those played by Meyers, such as Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard. Meyers also plays the new character Goldmember, whom he created for the third installment.
Oddly enough, Goldmember is a Dutchman who, enjoys eating his own skin peels. He is obsessed with painting the private parts of the man Gold and makes the attempt to help Dr. Evil in his new plan, coined “Preparation H.”
The plot’s intention is to destroy the Earth, of course, unless he is paid a “handsome randsom.” Seth Green returns again as Dr. Evil’s son Scott, who tries hard to please his father, favoring his clone Mini-Me rather than his own son.
An incredible performance by Mike Myers in the film has made seeing the movie another fun-filled experience. The SNL alumni said recently on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno that if he could do one Austin Powers movie a year he would be the happiest man alive.
Although costuming and make up takes hours to prepare for each outlandish 007 spoofed character, Myers believes it is all worth it for a good laugh.