WQAQ rocks 24 hours a day

Sarah Netter - Guest Writer

Nestled in between Kiss 95.7 and KC 101.3 is the smaller powerhouse WQAQ 98.1.
WQAQ is Quinnipiac University’s 10-watt radio station that is totally run by students. Broadcasting for 24 hours a day, the station serves Hamden, Cheshire and the outskirts of Wallingford.
WQAQ prides itself on unique shows that cater specifically to Quinnipiac students, according to Glenn Giangrande, general manager for the 2002-2003 school year.
“Music is our key format,” said Giangrande. “But we also have sports shows and news updates.”
In addition to taking requests, WQAQ frequently hands out free merchandise, such as T-shirts, CDs and concert tickets.
“I believe we are supposed to be providing two services,” said Giangrande.
“We try to provide a fun, lighthearted and enjoyable atmosphere for interested students to get experience in radio and at the same time try to keep an air of professionalism.”
Last year, WQAQ had a staff of 139 students, but they are always looking for new help, according to Giangrande. Though Giangrande’s personal favorite is 80’s music, WQAQ focuses on several other types of music genres.
“We are a station dedicated to promoting new music in the areas of college alternative, hip hop and loud rock, while at the same time trying to give air time to other popular genres, such as 80’s music and classic rock,” said Giangrande. “I got from ABBA to Zappa.”
WQAQ staff meets on Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. in the Echlin Lecture Hall.
Interested students can e-mail Giangrande at [email protected] or call 582-8358.
To visit WQAQ online, log onto www.wqaqradio.com