Want to be on Quest?

Bruce Wallace

In the west wing of the Ed McMahon Mass Communications Center there is state-of-the-art technology and studios for television and radio broadcasting, including a professional level news technology center, which homes the student run Quinnipiac television station Quest.
Quest is on air 24 hours a day on campus channel 30.
“Quest is a great opportunity for students who want to do something in the field,” said sophomore Nicole Buswell.
Ross Matray is a frequent viewer of Quest, and he says he likes turning on the station.
“The station is a fun thing to watch when you’re flipping through the channels and you are really bored,” said Matray.
Most of the time when a student turns the channel on they can view a selection of shows. Most of the shows from last semester consisted of live taped acoustic guitar studio sessions. Sessions where of local musicians, such as Neco, who performed for the Quest cameras. Other popular shows were a show about Quinnipiac sports and a campus news show where students could can learn about things that are going on around campus.
“If you like watching TV, just for fun, then Quest will do it for you,” added Matray.
Each semester brings more new and different kinds of television programming. In the fall of 2001, Quest aired a sketch comedy show called, “The Undergrads.”
“The show had a feel of SNL, and the twisted humor of In Living Color,” said Buswell who was a member of the show.
The show only aired two times, and the cast left the schedule, but two episodes syndicated frequently until winter break, getting a fair share of airtime.
Last spring was the end of a successful show called “Two Comfy Chairs”, a comedy talk show. It aired for two semesters straight.
“People like watching stuff about their school, especially if they can do it in their room,” said Buddy Bengel.
For more information about Quest, please contact [email protected]