RHC hosts Roommate Challenge

Lauren Epifanio

The Residence Hall Council challenged students to sit back-to-back, faced with simple yet specific questions about people they have known for the past seven months, or for the past two, three, or almost four years, initiating the Roommate Challenge.

Last Friday, students huddled around tables next to the Rocky Top Student Center fireplace, watching as participants and audience volunteers wrote the answers to questions pertaining to their roommate’s lifeon his or her whiteboards.

“The event turned out better than I expected,” event coordinator Joseph Rodriguez said. “I really enjoyed seeing the reactions on some of the students’ faces when they were asked questions such as, ‘If your roommate were to marry/be any Disney princess, which would they be?’”

A spinoff of “The Newlywed Game,” the Roommate Challenge involved 18 participants who came out to show how much, or how little, they know about their roommates. Questions ranged from eating and showering habits to personal information such as birthdays and high schools, according to the event’s emcee Andrew McDermott.

While McDermott called up on stage students who signed up for the event, roommates who signed up for audience participation could play along at their table.

With three rounds of five questions each, if three pairs tied with equal points, the sudden death round would begin. Involving a fairly difficult question, the team raising their hands first with matching answers wins. Going on to the final round, contestants competed for the grand prize of an Amazon Kindle. In between the three rounds, the audience participants strived to answer four out of five questions correctly, in return winning either a $10 iTunes or Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.

“The Roommate Challenge was a great experience,” sophomore participant Johanna Berton said. “It showed me that I actually know way more about my roommate than I thought I did! My whole suite has stayed together since freshman year so we are really close and we know a lot about each other and it was fun to compete with other roommates to see who knows each other best.”

The questions not only involved testing your knowledge of your roommate, but included knowing your relationship such as who takes longer showers, or who procrastinates more.

“Until going to this event, I never realized before how much you know about a person until you actually live with them,” junior Olivia Skitromo said. “You don’t know how many small details you pick up when living in close areas until actually are asked about them.”