Athletic Center hosts Football Fever and Hot Shot Tournaments


The Intramural Department hosted the first annual Spring Football Fever Tournament. Eight teams battled through a full day of football to determine a champion. The Tavern Team became Quinnipiac’s Super Bowl champion by beating The Wam Cats in overtime.
Campus Recreation recently hosted a full night of fun and games. “Lift ’til the Last Call.”
The evening began with a Super Aerobics Session led by seniors Brendan Behr and Melissa Carter.
The Hot Shot Basketball Contest, held on April 20, drew a large crowd of contestants. East competed in four events: free throws, three-point shots, lay-ups, and spot shooting. First place winners were Eric Raymundo and Amy Peluso.
Second place winners were Jay Ryan and Chrissy Memmolo.
The Fitness Center was the site of the Fitness Challenge. Contestants matched talents in six events. Winners were:
Matt Sleboda [1st]; John Miller [2nd]; Brandan Lee [3rd].
New school records were established in three categories: Most Sit-ups in one minute by Elena Gendron and Matt Bucci; Smith Machine Squats by Angela Massey and John Miller; Jump Rope Reps in five minutes by Elena Gendron and John Miller.
The team version of Hot Shot produced winners in three categories:
Co-Ed: Amy Peluso and Anthony Marsala
Female: Leigh Hazen and Kim Misaszek
Male: Rascheed Fernanders and Eric Yutzy