May Weekend comes to Quinnipiac

Brianna LaBrecque

This year, May Weekend is being held on April 26 and 27, the last weekend in April, as it has been for the past few years. However, instead of having to cram into Alumni Hall to attend an info session, students now have the option of watching a slide show on the Quinnipiac’s Blackboard website, and then taking an online quiz.
The slide show is short and the quiz is only five questions, of which you must answer four correctly. If you do not answer four out of five questions correctly, you can take the quiz again until you pass. After answering the questions, you are able to pick up a validation sticker for your ID in the Student Center.
Many students think the quiz is a good idea, but that it may be too simple and irrelevant to safety issues to be effective.
“I took the quiz and thought it was very easy,” said Nikki Levine, a junior mass communications major. “It seems like they made it too easy, just to get it out of the way.”
Two of the questions were about bands that were performing during the day, which may not help students understand the rules for the weekend.
“You didn’t even have to watch the slide show,” said Levine.
There are novelties all day Friday and Saturday, such as photo key chains, antique photos, psychics, food carts, inflatables, laser tag and day bands. All of these events are free to students with a valid QU ID that has a May Weekend sticker attached to it.
“I think it’s great that there are so many different events planned for the weekend, allowing everyone to come together and have a great time,” said Kristin Pedicone a junior management major.
The big event this year is the Friday night concert featuring Wyclef and opening act Product G & B.
Many students are very excited for the concert, either because they have seen Wyclef perform before or have heard about his performances from friends. Opening act Product G & B have received some great reviews from several students, who are just as excited to see them as Wyclef.
“Wyclef is so energetic and has worked with so many new talents, such as Product G & B,” said Karalyn Mallozzi, a junior mass communications major. “I had the pleasure of meeting and working with them this past summer and I know they’re going to be a great opening act.”
For questions about May Weekend, call Steve Vindigni at x8669.