Ten people who could stop the war in Israel

They are the most important people in the dirty war in Israel. They all claim they want peace, but they all allow blood to flow in the alleys of the West Bank’s refugee camps. Two of these men have the main responsibility for the evil violence in Israel, but they have both worked hard over the years to reach peace.
The first person who could stop the war in Israel is Yasser Arafat. He is the Palestinian president accused by Israel to have started the Palestinian uproar. Arafat is an old terrorist who demands a Palestinian state, but during the 90’s he was close to an agreement of peace several times.
The second person who could stop the war in Israel is Ariel Sharon, prime minister of Israel. Sharon was previously a hard core military man who has gradually increased the violence against the Palestinians since he won the election last year. He wants to reach a two state solution, but without letting go of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank or on the Gaza strip, however that is supposed to happen.
Hanan Ashrawi, is the only woman important enough to possibly stop the war. She is a Palestinian politician who is assumed to take over after Arafat. Ashrawi is an intellectual academic who has given out several books where she suggested ways to reach peace in Israel. She is officially against Palestinian terrorism and suicide bombers.
The fourth person who could stop the war in Israel is Foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Peres is a social democrat in Sharon’s right wing government and obviously one of the responsible people for the politics Israel’s government is following. However, when Peres was in charge of the government in `95-`96, he was close to a peace agreement with Arafat several times, and it was a period where tension was easing up.
The fifth person who could stop the war is Ehud Barak, former prime minister of Israel. Barak was the one who accepted a divided Jerusalem, and his attitude was in general softer than Sharon’s. Before being prime minister, however, he was commander in chief and Israel’s most decorated soldier.
To the more violent sides of the story, we have Benjamin Netanyahu. Also a former prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu thinks Sharon’s answer to the suicide bombers have been too weak. He promises to banish Arafat from Israel and to crush the Palestinian regime if he gets to rule again.
We also have Sheik Yassin, the leader for Hamas. Hamas is the Palestinian military organization who’s goal is to obliterate Israel and make sure no Jews live in the Middle East. Even when Yassin was held on house arrest by Israelis, his organization’s suicide bombers were out on the streets spreading fear.
Abdullah Shami is the leader for an Islamic Jihad, the biggest threat against peace. Wanting to spread more terror even than the Hamas, Islamic Jihad does not listen to anyone. Their terrorist attacks eliminates all peace agreements, and their goal is to eliminate Israel.
Last but not least, we have Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, leader of Hisbollah and strong supporter of Hamas. If Hisbollah, the Libyan guerrilla, would stop shooting rockets into Isreal every so often, then maybe the war in Israel could be stopped. At least it might give the leaders time to set up an agreement.
Just remember, this is the country where Quinnipiac’s professor Bill McLaughlin is at the moment. He is in Jerusalem, fighting for peace, by teaching children from both sides how to talk to each other and get along. If you say you don’t care about the situation in Isreal, then at least think about McLaughlin. I am sure he cares.
Information for this article was provided by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.