Applebees not promising

Jenn Bartlett

As an appetizer and dessert junkie, I’ve devised a way to get both, while still being able to have enough money to pay for gas to get to class on time. You skip the actual meal.
Now, this technique works perfectly fine at any wonderfully tasty bar and grill restaurant.
But just for some friendly advice, next time you think of stopping at your nearest Applebee’s, use your money wisely to pay for a movie ticket instead and just stick to getting their desserts.
A scale of the four major needs of a restaurant include, food, service, atmosphere and dessert, but Applebee’s only earns 50 percent. And as college students, you know that this can only mean one thing: failure.
The Appetizer Sampler, which can be a meal in itself, is nothing more then a sad attempt to appear so. The $9.99 dish included Nachos Nuevos, Mozzarella Sticks, Quesadilla and Grande Riblets.
Not only did the food promise to be spicy, but the displaying of it was spiced up too, with black, red and white nachos, a shocking discovery to the girl that’s use to chips in a can.
At first, the food was extremely tasty. But the satisfaction was a short-lived one, discovering soon the only reason anything initially tasted excellent was because I was so starving to begin with.
After a few bits, the Quesadilla’s were about as skinny as Calista Flockheart and were in desperate need of more meat. The usual Mozzarella sticks were nothing to squeal about, and those colorful nachos hardly made my taste buds do any culinary jumping jacks.
This is not the place for the milder tongue. After the taco salad, also found in the sampler, and the salsa for the nachos, your throat is defiantly on fire. Only the cheapest spices and most un-original grilling can create this type of sensation. Thank God for free refills.
But even the refills were not plentiful. The waitress serving our table was non-existent. So hopefully your waitress or waiter remembers to come to your table.
The service was absolutely slower then your average PC Internet down load.
Rest assure at Applebee’s the money you wasted on the appetizer will not also be wasted on having to leave a tip.
But what the food is lacking, Applebees makes up style. The environment is defiantly pleasant. Following the trend of Chili’s, TGI Fridays, and Ruby Tuesdays, the walls aredecorated with the most interesting decor.
For example, if you were going on a blind date and heor she was not up to your expectations, you definitely will not get bored looking above their head at the lovely scenery of sports, movies and trains.
And for the cheesecake lover in all of us (do not deny it, you know you’re in there), Applebee’s does have the best dessert of all the famous four New England bar and grills.
Apple Chimicheesecake is a delicacy of cheesecake and apples wrapped in, what looks like a crispy tortilla bread, fried to perfection. This treat just melts in your mouth, plus it is served with vanilla ice cream.
Another treat is the Fiesta Fried Cheesecake. It is in the same wrap, topped with this delicious strawberry sauce and powdered sugar.
From the girl who does not know the difference between cream cheese and sour cream, (but can certainly taste it). I’ll tell you what promises to be an experience of spicy delight leaves you begging for something more.
This is my promise; their desert is the only thing that will make your taste buds do the tango.