Jobs in the world of buisness supplies

Kellie Gleeson

When looking for a summer job, people usually want a job that pays decent money, has flexible hours, and has many positions to choose from.
This is the great part about working is a store like Staples or other buisness supply stores.
Staples has five departments that can be worked in, such office supplies, copy center, business machines, cashiering, and service desk.
Office Supplies usually starts with about $7 an hour. This department has many jobs. The first is to make sure that all the aisles are straight, therefore, you must learn how to block.
This department is also in charge of unloading the truck. This means that on delivery days, the office supply associate needs to take all the pallets, or loads of merchandise, off the truck and place them in the shelves.
Copy Center usually starts around $7 also. It is probably the most stressful job in the store. Someone who works in Copy Center must learn how to use four different types of copiers.
You learn how to use a laminator, a whole puncher that punches about 30 different holes, how to do three different types of bindings, and how to use the folding machine.
There is also the UPS Shipping Center. This is actually really time consuming due to the fact that each package has to be put in separately.
Business Machines is the computer area at Staples. It usually starts at about $8 an hour. Computer experience is a huge plus, because the more you know, the more money will be received.
In this department, a basic knowledge of the newest computer technology is required. Customers will ask a lot of information about how a computer works, what the capacity of a certain shredder is, and what the exact telephone that will work the best in a three-person office is.
This is also the only part of the store that can earn extra money. When an employee sells, an Extended Protection Plan, a Product Replacement Plan, or a Kit, money will be added to their paycheck.
Lastly, there are the Cashiers and the Service Desk. They make start at $7. A cashier’s job is to mainly check people out. But, they can also work in any department in the store when asked.
A Service Desk Representative must make returns, and exchanges. They have to deal with costumer complaints. They must give out stamps, applications, credit card forms, reward forms, and gift cards.
There are also leads to each department and Key Holders. These people are like supervisors. You must work full time, and know the department really well to work in this position. Leads and Key Holders make about $1 to $2 extra than all people in their department.
If you are not interested in selling office supplies, then a job at another buisness store may be better for you.
There is always Comp USA. This is mostly an electronic focused store.
They sell computers and video games. You are also paid extra for any plans that are sold. This department makes the $ most in the store. But, they also sell VCRs, TV’s, and movies.
COMP USA also have a repair center. A person can bring their broken computers to this store and they will fix it for you.
There is a store like Target, which is like a Kmart. They have everything. You can buy a Barbie Doll, a fake plant, shoes, and a new porch set in one trip.
The business supply world offers many selections. They all pay around the same amount.
During the summer, they are all looking for teenagers to work part time.
Business stores are very good places to work due to the fact that they all have flexible hours, and most even let students come back to work on vacations and weekends off from school.