WRECK of the week: Chris Brown and Rihanna: Rumors of a Relationship?(..again?)

Christine Burroni

Ever since the release of “Birthday Cake,” it has been rumored that the controversial domestic violence duo are back together and possible engaged, as reported by an australian entertainment magazine earlier this month.Thankfully, contrary to some bad aussie reporting, wedding bells will not be ringing for these two. After all, the media coverage surrounding these two has been too much as it is.

But even though RiRi and Brown are not getting married, there are still firing rumors that the two are reuniting not only musically — but also romantically. Maybe Rihanna will be the first to punch this time? Let’s hope so, because beyond that, there is no good reason for these two to even be in the same room. Rihanna getting back together with her violent ex-boyfriend is not only bad for her (and her body), but it is also setting a bad example for her fans. She is an international celebrity and saying that getting “back in the ring” with her old angered beau is saying to all her fans that it’s okay to get beat up by a guy. Maybe that’s a little exaggerated, but regardless, get a grip and get a nice guy. I guess some people are into a little more than “S&M,” right?