Spring 2002 Celebrity Corner: The Obournes’ family values 101

Jennifer Shuster

They are just your average, everyday television family like the Brady Bunch, the Cosby’s and the Partridge family. Actually they just might be more like the Addams Family.
Meet the Osbournes. Yes the animal head-biting, tattoo-covered heavy metal rock-star Ozzy Osbourne now has his own television show on MTV, but it is not the type of show you might expect from the rocker.
It is actually a documentary of Ozzy’s daily life with his zany family. Surprisingly “The Osbournes” has officially been named the highest rated show in MTV’s twenty year history since its March 5 debut, surpassing the ratings of other successful cable hits such as HBO’s “Sex and the City” and Showtime’s “Six Feet Under.”
It is easy to see why the show is such a success with viewers.
“That show is hilarious,” said Quinnipiac sophomore Tracy Matviya. “To live with that family for a day would be the funniest day of my life.”
This reality show has cameras following Ozzy, wife Sharon, and their two children Kelly, 17, and Jack, 16, everywhere they go to capture the pure essence of the not so traditional family. And what an essence it is.
The family does not seem embarrassed about anything and sometimes it is even hard to understand what they are saying between the constant bleeping out of curse words. The cameras have followed the wacky family on tour with Ozzy, throughout their Beverly Hills mansion and even caught them terrorizing a neighbor’s house after complaining about loud music.
“I really hope someday my mom would throw the Easter ham into the neighbor’s window. That was definitely my favorite scene,” jokes Quinnipiac sophomore Julia.
It is hard to believe that some of the antics seen in this family’s everyday life are for real but Ozzy said, “With a hand on my heart, that everything you see on that television show is for real. We didn’t do one retake/ We didn’t have to rehearse a script. It’s the way we are and it’s the absolute truth.”
Although viewers are hoping that the Osbournes will come back for another season the family is not so sure. They will have to see how much longer they can handle cameras constantly following them around.
For now you can catch the craziness of Ozzy and the gang Tuesday’s at 10:30 pm on MTV.