‘A Touch of Vegas’ plays off Broadway

A taste of Las Vegas comes to New York City in the lounge act parody “A Touch of Vegas.” Trent (Kyle Barisisch) and Trudy Lee (Genna Ambateilos) play a washed up singing duo who return to the Big Apple and pay tribute to entertainers such as Michael Jackson, Elton John and others.
The duo are straight from their nightly gig at the Bonne Chance lounge at the famous San Remo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Accompanied on piano by Mr. Raymond Bernie (Peter Von Der Ahe), the duo sing their own versions of “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart,” “La Bamba,” “Time of My Life,” “Black and White” and a wide variety of other pop songs.
The set is simplistic with a small stage. There is a backdrop of gold metallic streamers with piano, two microphones, chairs and most importantly two martinis, giving the show the tacky appeal of a Vegas lounge that it is trying to simulate.
Trent, dressed in a black sequenced tuxedo and Trudy Lee in a hot pink sequenced gown, both rhythmically challenged, dance to Mr. Raymond Bernie’s tunes as they belt out song after song.
The comedic duo only pauses momentarily to take a drink from a fresh martini or to tell another one of their outrageous stories from the Las Vegas celebrity scene. Such encounters include getting their first gig from tiger trainers Sigfried and Roy to selling Michael Jackson their chimpanzee who would become affectionately known to the public as “Bubbles.”
Barisisch and Ambateilos are hilarious together. Their on stage chemistry help to pull off the challenging task of intertwining comical stories, common pop tunes, and perhaps controversial topics without being overtly offensive.
The show takes place at Dominion New York lounge and theater located on Lafayette Street. The lounge has a relaxed atmosphere dim lighting with plush couches, and bar.
The actual theater is located in back of the lounge and is not as comfortable. It is decorated with hard wooden chairs and tables, which may leave you restless and aching.