Hillel and FadeIn present ‘Diamonds in the Snow’

Marisa Koraus

A young child is brought into a world of violence, injustice and war. She has no concept of what it means to “play games.” All she knows is that she must be quiet and careful otherwise she will be killed.
Situations such as this were the realities of millions of Jewish people during the Holocaust.
Mira Binford, a communications professor at Quinnipiac was one such victim and survivor of this act of genocide.
To express her personal experiences, Binford created her award-winning documentary “Diamonds in the Snow.”
The film was screened in honor of Yom Hashoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day, according to Jon Kroll, president of Hillel, which is the Jewish organization on campus. The film aired on April 10.
The film, which was sponsored by both Hillel and FadeIn, (Quinnipiac’s film club), was meant to serve not only as a remembrance of the Holocaust, but to bring awareness to Binford’s personal account of the historical event.
After the screening, Binford went into further discussion on both the film and her experiences. She welcomed any questions that the audience of about 20 posed.
“The film gives a very different perspective and sheds light on all types of people, not just Jewish people,” said Kroll. “It shows people who went out of their way to save the lives of Jewish children.”
Affiliates of Hillel will continue to work with Binford in the future. Together, they are planning on forming a Jewish and Islamic cultural studies program, which will serve as a possible minor at Quinnipiac.
Aside from screening “Diamonds in the Snow,” members of Hillel have provided many events in honor of Holocaust victims including a vigil, which was held on Yom Hashoah, an interactive Anne Frank presentation, and the Wings of Witness program.
In the past, the organization has sponsored trips to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. as well.
Kroll said “Diamonds in the Snow” will be screened again in the future.

For questions about Hillel, contact Jon Kroll at (609) 915-4115 or email [email protected]