The ABC’s of the Women’s lacrosse Team

Jackie Derasmo

So you think you can play woman’s lacrosse huh? Well even though we make it look effortless and graceful, it’s not as easy as the ABC’s … Check it out!
Attack- “defense wins games, attack sells tickets,” but they are also important in winning.
Becca- the greatest coach who saved our team when we thought there was no hope left.
Check- the 2 satisfying way of getting the ball from the other team is to “whack their stick.”
Defense- Yeah big D! Their job is to protect the goalie and defend our home.
Effort- Cannot play well unless you are a “full time player” and you give it all you have.
Fun- no sport should be played without fun. It’s what keeps all athletes going.
Ground balls- Butts down to the ground to get the dropped passes and you will win.
Heart- Can play without it, but it will show in your performance. Heart wins games.
Intercept- Read the other teams passes and jump in at the right time. No better feeling.
Jersey- Great shirts we got with the American flag on the neck, so we can win in style.
Kilt- Why is it again that we still play in skirts? Maybe that’s how we get more fans.
Love- For the game, for your team, and for your coaches!
Megan- Our one and only goalie. No words express how grateful our team is to have her.
Never give up- if you doubt your team you have already lost the game. Play till the end.
Out Smart- Don’t always try fancy things, sometimes you can out smart with basic skill.
Plays- Always helps on attack to get a goal at a crucial time. It’s beautiful when it works.
Quinnipiac- “and the home of the Braves”-not anymore, but the song is still catchy.
Respect-Your coaches, and of course the officials. They hold the game in their hands.
Steph- Best assistant coach in the nation, who saw us through some rough times.
Talk- Defense is not complete without big mouths. Communication is key.
United- Work as one unit to beat your opponent as a team, not as an individual.
Versatile- Be able to play any position on the field, and you will bring more to the team.
Wheels- Speed is key. Out run your opponent and a win will be right at your feet.
X-ray- Don’t want one. Stay healthy and don’t break anything, for example your nose.
You- There is no I in team but there is a ME … work hard for yourself and your team.
Zone-Type of defense that we have pretty much mastered. And once again “Yeah big D”