Chili’s serves it hot and spicy

Jenn Bartlett

Tired of stale sandwiches and greasy Italian food from the Q? Want an out-of-the-Rat experience? Why stay on campus when the spice of life is just around the corner at Chili’s?
Stomach satisfaction, a cheerful atmosphere and a price that is great for any college student’s wallet can be found at this famous New England Bar and Grill.
It is common knowledge that every college student loves to splurge, and what better way to splurge then eating an appetizer?
Chili’s provides such luxury without actually forcing you to spend a ridiculous amount of money. The Bottomless Tostada Chips Appetizer is only $1.99 with a never ending amount of salsa and chips to hold you over until your meal comes.
And this meal can appease any grumbling stomach. The menu includes entrees for vegetarians, meat lovers, salad lovers, spicy food lovers and even those who still enjoy sandwiches after eating at the Q.
The Classic Faijita with chicken or streak and a side of cheddar cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, sizzling peppers and sour cream allows you to make your own faijita.
The Crispy Chicken Salad, the Chicken Caesar Pita or the ever popular Chicken Crispers with honey mustard sauce are excellent for the chicken lover in you.
If you want to celebrate your existence as a carnivore and combine your meats they have the Tuna Steak Sandwich and the Bacon Hamburger. And of course, the infamous Baby Back Ribs are available for the manliest of students, dripping in barbecue sauce after being grilled with the right amount of herbs and spices. All for $14.99. Chili’s is like a restaurant version of Marshalls: “Get more and pay less.”
The closest Chili’s to Quinnipiac is located on Dixwell Avenue, at the Hamden Plaza, opposite to Stop & Shop. Another Chili’s is availbale on Queen Street in Southington and on Route 5 in Wallingford. Most of the meals do include a touch of peppers and spices, hence the name Chili’s. So remember, bring along your strongest spearmint gum.