Student voices speak, Student Government responds

No college campus is perfect and with that being so, Quinnipiac is surely no exception. However, each student has a voice to be heard and the representatives of the Student Government are listening.
While walking down Dorm Road the crowded shuttle zooms by and for a moment, walking seems like a good thing. However, sometimes the weather is too lousy for a walk or the car is a little too far from campus. Fortunately, students will no longer have to worry about these situations.
A shuttle will begin running seven days a week. It will run Monday through Wednesday from 12 p.m. until midnight. And from Thursday through Sunday, the shuttle will run from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m.
Students must present their QU ID cards in order to ride the shuttle, which departs from the Commons Bridge.
Any comments or complaints about the transportation service should be brought to the attention of Michael Miller, director of Student Affairs.
Other concerns that students have include the strict new alcohol policy and the future of housing on campus. Issues such as these will be addressed by a focus group run by Carol Boucher.
According to Boucher, the group will be comprised mostly of students in order to discuss the controversial issues affecting the campus community.
The Social Programming Board’s spring break trip to Montreal was a success and members of the board say that they are looking forward to continuing these trips in the future.
Alcohol is a very controversial issue on campus, and the board has reported that it will be available at the May Weekend semi-formal.
In regards to May Weekend, student government representatives are trying to revive the use of the refreshment/beer tent for those students who are of legal age .
Those who are under 21 will still be able to enjoy the food booths and games that will encompass the campus.
During the festivities, there will be plenty of local bands to provide the soundtrack to a hopefully sunny weekend.
Wyclef is going to be the headline performer.
To participate in May Weekend, students must attend an information session and receive a validated sticker on their Q-cards.
The Student Government recently met with Phil Goduti and Dr. Ronald Rozett. Goduti, a hall director in Dana and a member of the History Department, recently received the Outstanding Faculty Member award.
Rozett met with representatives of the Student Government to discuss a new campaign to combat smoking.
Starting April 3, students will be set up in Tator Hall to inform and inspire people to stop endangering themselves and others around them by smoking. Smoking has been proven to be the precursor of many harmful conditions. It also provides the gateway to trying much more riskier and fatal substances.
“Currently, 33 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 22 are smokers,” said Rozett.
For those who continue to smoke, Student Affairs is trying to get ashtrays placed in the Village.
In response to the concern of a lack of clocks on campus, the Student Government has arranged for new clocks to be installed in every classroom after this summer.
The Student Government is currently discussing the possibility of a two-week spring break. The issue will be further discussed during the next Student Government meeting before it is presented to the faculty senate.
The Student Government meets on Wednesdays at 4:15 p.m. in SC 207.
All students are welcome to attend these meetings and voice their ideas and concerns.

For further information or questions about the Student Government, visit their office located in SC 212 or call x 8475.