Res Life helps move off campus

With this semester coming to a close, it is important for students to make plans for the following fall semester. A housing lottery is in effect for the freshmen, sophomores and juniors at Quinnipiac University, but what about the seniors?
Due to an unprecedented amount of students enrolled at Quinnipiac, housing is at a minimum. To alleviate some of the congestion, seniors have to look for off campus housing.
Never fear, because Residential Life is here, and they know it is not the easiest thing finding off-campus housing, so they have taken many steps in helping the up-coming seniors prepare.
“Quinnipiac University hosts the off campus Housing Fair each February,” said Stacey Jackson, a residence hall director and staff member of Residential Life.
This year the Housing Fair took place on Valentine’s Day, and various realtors and apartment complexes set up tables in Alumni Hall to talk with students about properties and apartment policies.
Residential Life and Quinnipiac Univerisity also post a list of both realtors and private property owners who will consider Quinnipiac students.
Not only seniors are looking for apartments at this time, but other undergraduates are joining the search for off campus housing. Whether it is because of a roommate problem or just because they want more independence, these undergraduates join the many seniors looking for a place to live, which can cause a large competition.
Some students also move off campus because they were violating the policies on campus.
“Students who violate the Student Handbook put their housing at risk,” Jackson said. “Depending on the severity of the violations, the university reserves the right to revoke housing.”
One way to find a place off campus is to look in the classified section in the local paper. The New Haven Register has a page or two each day of apartment listings, and some are even furnished apartments. Other area papers, such as the Connecticut Post and Hartford Courant are helpful, but are limited to particular parts of Connecticut.
If students still have no luck in finding a place to live, they can hire or recruit a real-estate agent, who will, sometimes for a small fee, help them find what they are looking for.