Students share plans for upcoming break

Spring Break is right around the corner. Each year more and more students decide to travel to warm sunny beaches, but where are the hot spots this year, and how can you save a ton of cash?
International destinations have grown in popularity over the past decade, and it seems as though there are three or four that really have everything most students hope to find during their Spring Break.
Less than 80 miles off of the coast of Florida you’ll find the clearest water in the Caribbean, hundreds of miles of white sandy beaches and brilliantly colorful tropical fish.
In the Caribbean you can find everything that you’ve imagined a tropical island to be and more.
Add thousands of college students in the month of March and what you’ll find are booze cruises, bon fires, beach parties and casinos that never close.
This is the only Spring Break destination where you can ride horse back on a deserted beach in the afternoon and rub elbows with a thousand other college students that evening.
One of the most popular Spring Break destination is Cancun, Mexico. If Spring Breakers are looking for the bright lights, big city, bar on every corner atmosphere then they need not look any further than Cancun.
The Hotel Zone makes up the island of Cancun. It is shaped like a seven. The seven is surrounded by crystal clear water and white, sandy beaches.
Most of the more expensive luxury hotels are situated on the long arm of the seven. The short arm of the seven is where the moderate to deluxe hotels are located.
The Point is were the long arm and the short arm of the seven meet. This is where you’ll find the largest concentration of clubs. Don’t let anyone fool you in to thinking that “Downtown” is the hot spot.
Downtown isn’t even part of the hotel zone. The is where the budget hotels are. It’s, of course, cheaper to stay downtown, but you’re not anywhere near the beach. Also, there is no hotel in Cancun that is located in the center of everything.
The whole island stretches for miles and miles and miles. The clubs are fairly scattered, so it is suggested by various online sources that travelers should expect to take the bus.
The public bus system in Cancun runs 24 hours a day and costs less than 50 cents per person. Visitors are almost guaranteed to have warm weather, and the sources claim it’s not possible to run out of things to do.
Florida will always be the most popular spot for college students to spend their Spring Break week. Years ago, it started with Ft. Lauderdale and has spread like wildfire. South Beach, Daytona, and Panama City will all see their share of college students this year.
Sophomore Jennifer Patridge is going to be traveling to Florida this Spring Break.
“I can’t wait,” she said. “I need to get away from this cold weather and sit on the beach for a week with my girls.”
There are other options for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend. An unlikely destination for Spring Break, but a cheap one nonetheless, is Montreal, Canada. It may be cold, but Montreal is a beautiful place with an abundance of activities for college students.
Quinnipiac University is planning its own trip to Montreal this Spring Break, but some Quinnipiac students felt it would be more fun to plan their Spring Break getaway on their own.
“We would have gone through the school if they weren’t going for the whole week,” said sophomore Christine Wolf. “It’s cheap and we’re legal to do just about anything, so we’re there.”
Sophomore Denise Tretola felt the same way about Canada.
“Because of the exchange rate being really good right now, we are staying at a Days Inn for two nights and three days for $33 a person,” she said.
“It works out the best for us because number one, none of us are rich. Number two, we are good enough friends that it doesn’t matter where we go, hot or cold, as long as we’re together it’ll be awesome.”