Britney Spears makes film debut in the romantic comedy ‘Crossroads’

If you want to see pop sensation Britney Spears dance around in her underwear, then “Crossroads” is your movie. Seriously though, the film is fun and youthful and many girls can appreciate it.
The truth is, this movie probably will not interest the guys who want to see Britney in her underwear.
It is safe to say that “Crossroads” is your average “chick flick,” and is directed by Tamra Davis (“Billy Madison”).
The movie starts with three childhood friends digging a time capsule hole and promising to be friends forever. However, they broke their friendship promise and drifted.
Barely on speaking terms, the girls begin to find that they have something in common: they want to get out of their small Georgia hometown. This is when they meet Ben (Anson Mount), a mysterious guitarist who offers to drive them to California for a talent contest.
Spears’ character Lucy, the innocent yet sexy valedictorian, is sure that she will find her mother (Kim Cattrall) in Arizona. However, Lucy is in for a rude awakening. Her constrictive father (Dan Akroyd) does not want his little girl to see her mother.
Mimi (Taryn Manning) and Kit (Zoe Saldana) have some plans of their own on this road trip.
Mimi is the beautiful prom queen who is engaged and wants to see her fiance in Los Angeles. Kit is pregnant and desperate to get out of the trailer park that she calls home.
There are some major twists in Mimi and Kit’s stories. The father of Kit’s baby happens to be Mimi’s sleazy fiancee.
Even with the story twists, the film is still centered on Lucy so there really is no closure to her friends’ stories. You can say that “Crossroads” is all Britney. She sings, dances and even has a sexual awakening.
It is sweet, however, when the girls find the friendship that they once lost, the most important element of the film.
There are some musical moments in the film that are fun to watch. Raising money in a karaoke bar to fix Ben’s ’73 Buick convertible they sing Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll.”
Spears gave a worthy performance in her Hollywood debut. If you are up for some adventure and good tunes then “Crossroads” should be high on your list this season.