There are better options than O.A.R.

Katherine Rojas

As a rock music fanatic, I was more excited to hear Snoop Dogg is performing in Toad’s Place than hearing O.A.R is performing in SPB’s spring concert. I do respect O.A.R. as musicians, however I never heard of them before coming to Quinnipiac.

I am educated in music that I like: the classics, rock and indie, I did, however, know Snoop Dogg’s works and his reputation and find him too renowned to be performing on a Wednesday night. Then to hear that John Mayer is touring in Wallingford in The Oakdale Theatre the same day as O.A.R. is pure comedy.

John Mayer is another musician I respect, however I am put off by his personality. His heavy bedroom eyes are creepy, not sexy. He also bobs around like he’s drunk — sorry but you’re not Angus Young. As disturbing as I find him, I can’t deny his talent, but I know I would be more uncomfortable than amazed at his concert. He has this sex appeal that attracts women and make them crazy like the rock stars of the ‘80s did.The sex in his eyes hypnotizes the audience, and his smooth rhythm in his vocals and guitar is undeniably electric and a better performance than O.A.R. can give. I imagine the atmosphere in his concerts makes the audience trapped in a musical bubble.

O.A.R. would be better in a coffee house themed concert rather than a huge event. Their music is intimate and chilled; great background music for a night in.

We are a diverse student body; students with different interests and hobbies, making it difficult to please everyone. The budget is the issue. It’s a bigger thing to have a concert, having to book the performers, hospitality, having a venue and maintenance. Concerts are expensive, students need to be grateful that we even have them.

I don’t see myself going to any of these concerts, possibly the O.A.R. concert if my roommate wants to go or to the Snoop Dogg concert if family or friends from home want to go. I prefer to go to concerts of my favorite bands, like the Black Keys next Tuesday in Madison Square Garden.

Music is an art that can be interpreted in endless ways. People have their own preferences of a good time and they shouldn’t stay disgruntled if Quinnipiac can’t satisfy them. Instead of complaining, students can just make their own fun and focus on making their college experience a great one.