Penny wars raise money for scholarship funds

The freshman class cabinet of the Student Government Association is raising money for the Steven Pawlowski Scholarship Fund and the Jessica Gambon Scholarship Fund. Both students were killed in car accidents this school year.
SGA decided that they would like to help the scholarship funds and came up with the idea of the Penny Wars.
Each class year has a jug to fill with any spare change students wish to donate.
“The numeric system is that pennies are positive points to your class’s score, and any nickels, dimes, quarters, or paper money are negative points to your score. However, each piece of silver takes away points based on its monetary amount,” said Ricky Baltimore, a sophomore SGA representative.
For example, a nickel would be minus five points, a dime would be minus ten points and so on.
The idea is that students place all pennies into their class jug, and place all of their nickels, dimes, quarters and paper money into the other class jugs trying to lower their score and boost their class score.
The Steven Pawlowski Scholarship Fund is located at Pawlowski’s high school in Ridgewood, N. J.
The scholarship is for students participating in track and who wish to continue participating in track during college. The scholarship will be given to one female and one male in this year’s graduating class of 2002.
Students who still wish to donate money can do so by going to the SGA’s office in SC 212. When the Wars are over, all of the money will be divided in two and half given to Pawlowski’s fund and the other half is going to Gambon’s fund.
Rachel Ferry said, a freshman physical therapy major, believes that in spreading the word of the Wars will encourage more awareness for SGA’s cause in trying to help out the Pawlowski and Gambon funds.
“I think that it is a good, effective way to get the students of Quinnipiac University involved in helping a good cause,” said Ferry.