Creativity conference set for March 22 and 23

Kellie Gleeson

The Women’s Creativity to Conference Committee has planned a weekend event to celebrate the achievements of woman, called the Celebrating Women’s Creativity Conference.
The conference was started over eight years ago, when Fidelio became the artists in residence.
“They were interested in celebrating the arts, and we are interested in celebrating women,” said Michele Hoffnung, professor of psychology and director of women’s studies.
It was at this time that the Women’s Creativity Conference Committee was created. The members involved are on the Quinnipiac faculty, staff and administration. This committee promotes the accomplishments of woman.
“I think this is a way for the community to see Quinnipiac on different levels. This is a way for the university to give back to the community,” said Hoffnung.
This year’s conference will be held on March 22 and 23. On Friday, the speaker will be Gail Collins from the New York Times. Her speech will start at 7 p.m. in the Grand Court Room at the Law School.
Gail Collins received her journalism degree at Marquette University and her Masters in government at the University of Massachusetts. She has worked as a freelance writer for Connecticut publications, such as the Connecticut Magazine and Business Journal. She has been on Connecticut Public Television, and she has taught at Southern Connecticut State College. Collins has also worked at the Daily News as a columnist.
Collins has been working with the Times since 1999, in which she has been a columnist and a member of the editorial board. “She is the first woman Editorial Page Editor of any major paper,” said Hoffnung.
She is currently writing a book on the history of women. She already has two books published.
Other speakers at the event will include professor Pattie Belle Hastings, who will put on a show called “Cyborg Mommy, Everything I learned about computers I learned from my mother.”
Other speakers include Joyce Gabriel, a former editor of Newsday, Rhea Hershman, a freelance writer for the New Haven Register, and Cindy Simoneau, assistant managing editor of the Connecticut Post. These woman will all discuss freelance writing.
Barbara Currier Bell, a freelance writer for the Milford Mirror, Virginia Simon, a founding member of the Greater New Haven Peace Council, and Evelyn Mantilla, a state representative in Hartford, will be on a panel called “Transforming Conviction to Action: Women’s Political Activism.”
Other guests include master quilter Ed Johnetta Miller and Linda Friedlaender and Trudie Lamb Richmond, who will talk about Museum Education.
The conference will end with a Fidelio concert. The concert will feature Sandy Duncan, the actress who played Peter Pan.
“The main complaint about the conference is that people can’t go to everything,” said Hoffnung.
The lecture on March 22 is free to the public, but registration is required for Saturday. Registration will be held at Buckman Theatre between 8:45 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. on March 23. The fee is $25, which includes a continental breakfast and luncheon.
The registration for senior citizens is $20. There is a $15 fee for students from other universities with college identification, Quinnipiac students are admitted free.

Please contact Betsy Delaney at (203) 582-8954 or e-mail her at [email protected] You can also register at the door.