Janet Jackson and friends live from Honolulu during “All For You” tour

Bright lights, elaborate set and costume changes, sexy dance moves, and sweat drenched bodies captured attention as Janet Jackson wrapped up her “All For You Tour” live from Honolulu, Hawaii on HBO.
Jackson oozed sensuality as she prowled the stage, forcing the audience into a frenzy and at times encouraging them to sing along.
Known for her intricate dance moves, sultry voice and amazing abs, Jackson managed to top herself yet again with a 28-track set list filled, which incorporated hits from each of her five albums.
She opened the show with a photo montage depicting her ever-changing image over the past 15 years. As the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted and Janet emerged dancing on a pillar as it lowered to the stage singing “Come On Get Up,” off of her latest “All For You” album.
Jackson’s dancing never ceased from the moment her feet touched the stage. However, her dance routines did not hinder her vocal performance at all. Unlike many of today’s young pop sensations that depend on pre-recorded vocals, Jackson not only was able to remain in sync with her eight back-up dancers, but also sang every song live.
She got a little help from friend Missy Elliot, accompanying her on the remix version of “Son Of A Gun.” Elliott surfaced from below the stage and delivered a flawless rendition of her rap as the audience hollered uncontrollably.
Later, Jackson astonished the crowd by appearing in a dominatrix cat suit and performed “Would You Mind.” She chose a man from the front row and strapped him to a gurney as she sexually teased him relentlessly. Did he mind? Probably not.
Jackson also set a precedent for future performances on HBO to follow by giving viewers an exclusive, intimate backstage view as behind-the-scenes cameras showed her changing costumes during the show.
The backstage footage seemed a little over the top and unnecessary at times. As the show progressed, however, it became interesting to see how a performer is able to make such difficult costume changes in such a small amount of time.
Viewers were at least able to get an appreciation for all the hardworking people behind the scenes, who can either make or break a concert that has the intricate workings of a theater production.
This concert was the last stop on her “All For You Tour,” which began in the fall. It is also rumored to be her last tour.
The crowd seemed unwilling to let the show end as they unanimously pleaded for more songs. Jackson offered the choice of ending the show so she could take a shower or performing a few more songs. Her infectious smile never faded even as the grueling show pressed on.