SGA meets to discuss campus concerns

Kristen Daley

The Student Government Association met on Feb. 13 to further discuss Quinnipiac’s campus issues.
Following the recent death of junior criminal justice major Jessica Gambon, the SGA decided that a letter will be sent on behalf of the student body to the families of Quinnipiac students who pass away while studying here.
Dates for the May Weekend ticket sales were announced. The tickets will be on sale in the Student Center hallway April 1-5.
Class penny wars have begun. Students from each class are asked to fill their class’ respective jars, which will be located in the student center hallway and the SGA office (212), with pennies.
Members of other classes may place dollars and silver change in the jars of opposing classes, decreasing the worth of the amount of pennies collected by that class. The money will be donated to the Steve Pawlowski Fund.
Marlon LeWinter, of the Student Awareness Committee, spoke of the possibility of opening the Tator Hall computer lab 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
If the plan goes into effect, students will be able to gain access into the Student Center with their Q-Card.
Blue prints have just been created for changes to be made to the cafeteria this summer. Quinnipiac President John Lahey is currently reviewing the plans.
The freshman class is planning a trip to Boston on Mar. 23. The cost will be $10 and students can spend the day however they please.
During their Wednesday evening meetings, the freshmen class is also working on plans for a “Condom Casino,” meant to promote safe sex. Condoms are to be used for chips.
The sophomore class cabinet announced a proposal for a “Safe Ride” program, in which student volunteers provide rides to students who are unable to drive back to campus after a night out.
According to Sophomore Class Representative Melissa Dudra, students have already begun to show interest. Students interested in participating in the program should contact Dudra with their names and e-mail addresses.
The sophomore class is also encouraged to participate in the “Buddy Hugger” program at the Special Olympics, where they will have a chance to spend time with the athletes.
The class and other SGA committees will also be cooking for this year’s Sibling Weekend.
The junior class sponsored the Feb. 14 Housing Fair.
The Senior Class passed their “100 days until graduation” mark on Feb. 15.
Senior class President Mike Drysielski reminds all seniors of the Senior Brunch, which will take place on May 5.
The senior class will also be presenting a fireworks show on Apr. 28.