BSU and SPB to hold one more event for Black History Month


The theme for Quinnipiac’s celebration of Black History Month is, “Finding Inspiration: United We Stand, In God We Trust.”
This has a very special meaning after Sept. 11, according to James Marshall, assistant professor of health management, who said “The events were planned to motivate people to go on with their lives despite the tough times.”
Quinnipiac holds a variety of events to celebrate black history. The main event was keynote speaker Gwen Ifill. She is senior correspondent on “The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.
After addressing the audience of Hamden residents, faculty and students last Thursday, Ifill was asked what she would like to be called: Black or African- American. Ifill said, “I want to be called Gwen.”
The Black Student Union (BSU) and the Social Programming Board (SPB) co-sponsored Apollo Night, a night full of student acts and performances on Feb. 9. There was also a comic act by Dean Edwards of Saturday Night Live.
On Feb. 10, a unique musical event that integrated Jewish and African-American style music performed by Avadim Hayinu. There were musical pieces explaining African-American and Jewish traditions.
The University of Connecticut Voices of Freedom Gospel Choir performed in Alumni Hall last Friday.
The choir is composed of not only African-American students but a variety of other students representing many other races and religions. The group sang songs about freedom, love and peace for all people.
Marshall said the Black History Month committee is committed to “be diverse with the events we offer in hopes to in som eway educate people about black history.”
One obstacle to planning many of the activities is trying to incorporate activities that college students would attend. The Trivia Game Show was a successful event that many students attended.
Professor Marshall and friends will be giving an “Inspirational Gospel Performance” at 3 p.m. in Alumni Hall on Feb. 24.
Professor Marshall said, “Black History Month is of great importance to me. I like to share about where I come from and these events allow us to share and learn from each other.”