John Morgan: Quinnipiac’s spokesman to the ‘outside world’

John Morgan describes his position as director of public relations here at Quinnipiac as his “dream job.”
Morgan serves as the campus spokesman, and is responsible for writing, editing and disseminating all Quinnipiac press releases to the media, including dean’s lists, lecturers and theater productions.
He also works with the media to publicize faculty members “who have expertise a reporter would find interesting.”
On top of these responsibilities, Morgan also oversees the content of the Quinnipiac Website and Intercom, as well as works with faculty and staff to plan major university events, which include commencements and symposiums.
“John is Quinnipiac’s connection to the outside media. Whether it’s providing a faculty expert opinion on a TV news program or hosting a notable guest lecturer on-campus, he makes Quinnipiac put its best foot forward,” said Thea Moritz, director of publications and design.
“He is also a TV soap expert, which is fun for me when he provides scoops on what will happen next on my favorite soap!”
Originally from Danbury, Conn., Morgan earned his bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University, and is currently working on his master’s for journalism here at Quinnipiac. Morgan began working at Quinnipiac in Sept. of 1996.
“The public relations department at Quinnipiac is highly effective because everyone works as a team to promote Quinnipiac as much and as far as possible,” said Morgan. “I think we have one of the best public relations team around.”
Jonathan Carlson, a junior mass communication major, has often worked with Morgan.
“As a journalist, I work with many publicists and public relations people. As anyone in the press will tell you, that can either be very rewarding or very difficult for reporters,” said Carlson.
“During my years at Quinnipiac, I have had the pleasure of working often with John and his staff, and have found them to be the utmost professionals. They are a cut above the rest.”
Morgan has a three-person staff, which include Frank Campailla, the university writer, Mark Ludovico, the web editor, and Paula Fowler, secretary.
“John was my first boss when I came to Quinnipiac as university writer in fall of 2000 and is the most well-connected individual on campus. He knows everything, and keeps our entire Public Affairs office informed about news around campus,” said Janet Waldman, the university editor.
“As university editor, I work closely with John and his staff. We collaborate brochures, alumni magazine articles and the like. He is a first-rate journalist who has made a smooth transition to public relations.”
When Morgan travels home to Woodbury, Conn., he looks forward to seeing his wife Susan and twin five year-olds, Anson and Olivia.
He has pictures of his son and daughter in his office along with some of their artwork.
When not at work, Morgan can be found reading, listening to music or watching football or the news.
“I am a big David Baldacci and Brad Meltzer fan, an avid music fan, nuts about the Washington Redskins and NASCAR, and I am a news junkie, always watching CNN and Fox News,” he said.