Single and alone on Valentine’s Day?

Chocolates, flowers and going out to dinner are a common theme that runs through every love-filled Valentine’s Day, but was is a single person supposed to do?
With most girls here at Quinnipiac, the reaction was the same. Valentine’s Day is just another day, and there is nothing special or exciting about it. The negative connotation that is usually associated with Valentine’s Day and being unattached is nonexistent when talking to some Quinnipiac students.
“It is just another day,” said Stacey Berkman. “I plan on going out with my friends and having a good time.”
Laura Stoddard said she enjoys being single.
“I have never had a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, so I really don’t get worked up about it,” she said.
Although this was a common reaction for most of the girls, some tended to give off a more depressed and resentful vibe.
“I think that it is a stupid, commercial holiday,” said Sara Stillings, but also added after a second’s pause, “maybe it would be better if I had a boyfriend.”
Single student Sara Vitti, who admitted to hating Valentine’s Day in the past, decided that this year was going to be different. Making light of the situation, she said,
“I am going out to the bar with my friends. And who knows, maybe I will meet someone that could be my Valentine!”
The male crowd, on the other seemed to agree that being single on Valentine’s Day was probably a wise move.
“If I could pick any day to be single it would definitely be Valentine’s Day,” said Mike Haight. “Just think about it, you save money and can do whatever you want.”
This response seemed to be echoed with most of the guys interviewed, with comments ranging from, “Valentine’s Day? Oh yea, that is soon, huh?” to “Valentine’s Day is a day where I celebrate being single, so I am going out.”
So who actually said that Valentine’s Day is for couple’s? It is obvious that Quinnipiac students are letting the single life ruin their holiday. But don’t let these students fool you. No matter how completely content these single students say they are, a few of them still said “Oh, this is for the Quinnipiac paper?…………can I leave my number?”