Good book for great laughs

Countless books on love and lust fill the shelves of bookstores and libraries. Not many of them cause the human mind to expand intellectually and not just from comments like, “is that really possible?” in the same way that “If3 … Questions for the game of love,” written by Evelyn McFarlane and James Saywell does.
The short book is overflowing with line after line of thought-provoking questions concerning the trueness of love, relationships, and oh yeah, a little bit of fantasy as well.
While the book does have its fair share of shallow sexual questions, most of which can be read in the onset of the book, a majority of the book centers around questions that actually cause the reader to analyze the question at hand, traveling through their pasts, presents and futures to establish an answer, making the book a great gift selection for a Valentine’s Day present.
Questions like, “If you could ‘unknow’ any sexual fact, what would you choose?” could bring along hours of in-depth conversation leading the audience to contemplate the answer and discuss their responses with others, exploring the apparent myths of sexual experiences and other related actions.
Other parts of the book are less than conventional and may seem even a little superficial. Questions like “If you had to pick the two people you would least like to watch having sex together who currently do, who would they be?” may lead to in-depth gossip sessions among females, the prime audience to read this book. “If you could go to bed with one person but always wake up with another (of the people you know), who would they be?” is another question that could keep readers talking for hours.
The authors of the book freely admit that the book is not meant to be taken seriously. The book also exhibits questions that involve a sense of humor about one’s sexual experiences and fantasies. The humor is tested in questions like “how old is the oldest person you would ever sleep with and who would it be?”
An odd question in its own right, “if you could have freckles on one part of your body that you don’t, where would they be?” could lead to some great bonding time over drinks or at a sleep over or even during a lunch break in the cafeteria.