Gere uses “The Mothman Prophecies”

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Have you ever felt like you can see something no one else can? Have you ever had a vision that has come true?
After viewing “The Mothman Prophecies,” a psychological thriller directed by Mark Pellington (“Arlington Road”), these questions may start to make sense. The film is based on events that occurred in 1967.
Richard Gere plays John Klein, a reporter whose wife dies of a brain tumor after being in an unexplainable car accident. She asks him, “You didn’t see it, did you?”
Later, he discovers her notebook in which she drew bizarre pictures before her death.
Two years later, on his way to an interview, he winds up hundreds of miles out of the way in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and cannot explain how or why he is drawn there.
Klein meets many other townspeople who have seen similar things that he believes his wife saw before her death. Soon after, he begins to encounter the “Mothman” and begins to unravel the messages he and others receive through investigation.
Police officer Connie Parker (Laura Linney) helps in Klein’s investigation, but it is not until Klein consults with Dr. Alexander Leek (Alan Bates), a paranormal expert, that he understands the history of the “Mothman.”
But who exactly is the “Mothman” and what does he want?
Right before any tragedy, the bizarre winged creature appears. Is it an angel of death sending messages of doom or could this be mass hysteria?
This horror film does not frighten the audience through gore and loud sound effects. Instead, it frightens through the unknown.
Although interesting and thrilling, this movie moves at a slower pace and leaves many questions unanswered and lacks needed closure.
The mystery keeps going and you will be thinking long after you leave the theater of what you just saw.
“Mothman” is a great movie for conversation and raises questions about life and death.
What may creep you out the most is that sightings of this “bizarre, winged creature with red, glowing eyes” are believed to have been seen in Pleasant Point.
See this movie and you will have to make up your mind for yourself if “Mothman” is real.