Two more SGA members resign

Katherine Rojas

Two members of the Student Government Association resigned in the past week due to personal reasons.

Former Freshman Class Representative Kristina Skala and former Sophomore Class Representative Lauren Yaconis resigned from their positions with regrets and pardons.

The two new members, freshman Charles Doe and sophomore Nicole Siberry, were next in line as reserved candidates and replaced Skala and Yaconis.

Three SGA members resigned this winter, also for personal reasons.

“In the past few years there’s always been students that drop, probably close to this number, maybe less,” Bond said. “This has been a year where we’ve had a lo of turnover of new members.

“I don’t think it’s anything that we’re doing per se, I think it’s just the kind of the caliber of work that we’re doing and the amount of responsibility that you have on student government that sometimes can be overbearing”

Yaconis was elected sophomore class representative last spring with 350 votes. Yaconis resigned for personal reasons that are out of her control, she said.

“My time spent in SGA has been my best time spent at Quinnipiac University,” Yaconis said in an email. “I hope to stay involved with the organization in any way that my schedule allows, and in the future I would like to be given the opportunity to be a member of SGA again.”

Skala could not be reached for comment.

The resigned members may run in the spring election if eligible to run under election policy, according to Bond.

Most of the resigned members intend to come back or stay involved with SGA in some way, according to Bond.

The new election for the new board will begin in a few weeks.