Panelists speak about future of marketing, advertising careers

Marisa Koraus

“You need to start at the bottom to rise to the top,” “Nothing is beneath you in your first job position.” Gifts of knowledge such as these were given to students at a panel discussion of marketing and advertising professionals on Tuesday, Jan. 29.
The panelists included: Joy Bianchi, public relations manager at VNA Healthcare in Hartford, Conn. Leila Fecho, founder and president of Above and Beyond Communications in Mansfield Center, Conn., President Eric Knight of Internet Strategies Corporation in Farmington, Conn., Account Supervisor Pamela Soisson of Cronin and Company in Glastonbury, Conn., and Andrew Wood, vice president and director of marketing at Mintz and Hoke in Avon, Conn.
The panelists shared their personal experiences in the marketing and advertising industry and they offered advice to the students about what to expect in the “real world.”
“You need to be willing to try anything. Take chances and don’t be afraid,” said Soisson.
“Learn to accept a smaller salary and get your foot in the door,” continued Bianchi.
The future of marketing and advertising was also addressed by the panelists.
“The web is allowing companies to spend their money more efficiently to meet targeted demographics,” said Knight. “Therefore, the future of marketing is going to involve the web. Learn about new technologies because it will enable you to hit the ground running.”
The discussion included insights to the students about how to consider their personalities in respect to the marketing/advertising field. A distinction was made.
“The marketing side of the business is the science. If you are a linear, logical person than consider marketing,” said Wood. “Advertising is the irrational side of the business. You need to be engaged in art and television. So consider whether you are a rational or an irrational thinker.”
The discussion was used as a tool and a guide to prospective marketers and advertisers.
“The panel discussion was a kick-off for the semester,” said Jennifer Tanko, the club’s president.
Plans are also being made to take a field trip to the ESPN sports center. Last semester, the club visited the Advertising Women of New York organization.
The trips foster the ideas behind networking, making connections, and exploring various career options.
The Marketing and Advertising Club is also trying to become affiliated with professional organizations such as the American Marketing Association and the American Advertising Federation.

For more information about the organization contact: President Jennifer Tanko at x6635, Vice President Lisa Deloi at x6490, Treasurer Danielle Vitale at x6573, or Secretary Stacey DeLorenzo at x6792.