9-11 Committee to sponsor more events

Kellie Gleeson

After the Sept. 11 attacks, members of the Quinnipiac community created the 9-11 Committee. The 9-11 Committee has already sponsored one event called “The Muslim World and Terrorism,” with more to follow.
“We want to respond to 9-11 with activities and events that are educational to all people,” said Paul Janensch, associate professor of communications and chairman of the 9-11 Committee. “We want to help students learn from the experience.”
On Feb. 27, Richard Dyle, a reporter, and Richard Drew, a photographer, will come to speak at Quinnipiac. These men were at ground zero and saw the effects of what happened on Sept. 11. They will further educate our community by sharing their stories and showing unreleased pictures.
“This event is not just for students, it is for everyone. The event is also free. We think what they will tell us is very interesting and dramatic,” said Janensch.
This event will take place in Mancheski Executive Seminar Room in the Lender School of Business at 6 p.m.
Another event that the 9-11 Committee is supporting, but not in charge of, is a conference on Bio-terrorism. It will take an in-depth look at the Anthrax case in Oxford, Connecticut.
The School of Health Sciences will conduct this event and the Department of nursing will run it. The event will take place on Mar. 7, in Alumni Hall at 9 a.m.
For more information contact Barbara Moynihan, associate professor of nursing.
Janensch is also hoping that the student members of the 9-11 Committee will hold a conference of their own.
This event will be held in a student-oriented location such as a resident hall.