Students try for $400


What happened to Martin Luther King on Oct. 14, 1964? Thinkfast- He won the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Social Programming Board (SPB) and Black History Month Committee co-sponsored an event of interactive trivia called “Thinkfast Trivia Game.” It was a battle of wits as the teams were playing for a cash prize of $400, answering questions on American pop culture and African-American history.
David DeAngelis, assistant director of the student center and student leadership development brought to the attention of the Black History Month Committee the idea of having Thinkfast Trivia Game come to Quinnipiac for Black History Month.
Assistant professor of health management and Chair of the Black History Month Committee, James Marshall, arranged for Thinkfast to come to Quinnipiac for Black History Month.
Many of the competitors were confident in their chances of coming away with the $400. One of them was freshman Matt York. “We [his team] are all smart and we all have good GPA’s,” said York.
Men were not the only overly confident ones at this event. Many girls thought they would come out on top at the night’s end. Junior Erica Peltz said, “We’re the best, we got looks, we got brains and were females.”
There was a wide range of questions asked, such as, “How often does a penguin have sex?”; “What is the national sport of Japan?”; and ” In what American city is the greatest amount of ketchup consumed?”
The contest consisted of two rounds. Round one had 20 questions. From there the field was narrowed down to four teams. The four teams sent one representative up. The first person to answer five questions was the first round winner. The winners of round one were the team “Malaysia.”
The second round worked the same way, except two “wild cards” were chosen. To be a wild card, a contestant had to do wild things. For example, at one point to be a wild card a contestant had to have a condom with him or her. Another time, someone had to have a picture of their mother in their wallet.
In order to be a wild card, the contestant had to be chosen by the winners of rounds one and two. Since many students really wanted to be chosen, people started stripping.
At one point, Josh Jabaut, even jumped across the table to another table, took of his shirt and started grinding with sophomore Nicole Murphy. John Paciello, a junior, won a spot as a wild card by answering this question, “William Hearshall founded what planet?” The answer: Uranus.
Steve Vindigni, senior and Vice-President of Programming said, “The crowd was incredible for an interactive game and this was a great co-sponsorship for SPB and the Black History Month Committee.”
The winners of the $400 were Chris Forestiere, Erich Komenda, Jay Wandrei and Sebastian Carter. When asked where they were going, they all shouted, “We’re going to Disney World.”
Forestiere said that watching a lot of jeopardy helped him prepare for the contest. Forestiere also wanted to thank John Conte and Collin McDonald for, “believing in us.”