Annual Suitcase Dance needs more student involvement

Marisa Koraus

On Jan. 25, Quinnipiac’s annual Suitcase Dance took place in the recreation center with a minimal turnout.
Sarah Grossman was the lucky winner, chosen at random to invite the person of her choice for an all expenses-paid trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Grossman took Frank Perrotta
Throughout the night, other raffles calls took place, enabling students the opportunity to win gift certificates from places such as Old Navy and Blockbuster Video.
A D.J. provided the gym with with music and pizza and beverages were served throughout the night.
On a campus that hosts thousands of students, only about 60 attended the event.
It is believed by many students that if more people showed interest in attending the events like this, the overall motivation of the campus would be heightened.
“They could have used more people. It should be announced earlier just so everyone knows about it,” said Becky Beers, a physical therapy major and sophomore.
Other students feel the changes need to be made with the structure of the program.
Stephanie Boyer, a sophomore phsyical therapy major said, “It should be more of a dance where you can bring a date, such as the semi-formal. Also, there should be more variety in the music.”