Monique Drucker promotes leadership outside of the classroom

Karen Grennan

As an undergraduate, Monique Drucker was the epitome of a student leader. She was a resident assistant, involved in orientation and president of her senior class, to name a few of the things she was involved in. Today, as associate director of the Student Center and Student Activities here at Quinnipiac University, Drucker provides students with opportunities for leadership outside of the classroom.
Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., Drucker received her bachelor of arts from SUNY Fredonia, and earned her master’s degree from the University of Buffalo in College Counseling and Student Personnel Administration. Drucker started working at Quinnipiac in January of 1996.
“If I was going to move seven hours away from home, knowing I could wave and smile to someone in Facilities or Student Affairs matters a lot,” said Drucker. “It’s like having a second family. Quinnipiac is a good place to be.”
Drucker’s position includes what she describes as a “hodgepodge” of responsibilities. She acts as a liaison to about thirty clubs and organizations and for commuter students who have questions and concerns. She also serves on the campus judicial board , teaches the alcohol education classes, oversees operations of the student center, hires and trains employees for campus information and reservations, the commuter resource center and the game room and advises the Student Government Association and the senior class.
Inez Nomidis, a senior diagnostic imaging major, said, “Monique is very helpful. She’s always willing to go out of her way to help students. She puts a lot of time in and never thinks twice about it.”
For Drucker, it is these students that really keep her going. “The students are what keeps me here,” said Drucker. “Also, I like to be on a campus because it’s an ever changing place. I never know what my day is going to be like.”
Outside of Quinnipiac her life has very busy. For the past year, she had been planning her wedding that took place this past September. Now that she is newly married and has a new baby niece, she spends much of her time with her new husband and traveling home. “Family is very important to me,” said Drucker. “It’s a lot to travel home to Buffalo, but it’s critical to me.” She also belongs to a gym, taking part in aerobics and running.
What advice does Drucker have to offer the students of Quinnipiac? “Find your niche and get involved as a student,” she said. “If you can’t find it, we will help you. Getting involved makes you a round student and helps later in life. Study hard and take advantages of the opportunities available.”