What bothers me about driving

So I’m driving down the road the other day doing about 45 mph in a 40 mph zone, minding my own business, smoking a cigarette and listening to some good music when all of a sudden this idiot pulls out in front of me.
I was no less than 20 yards from the driveway he pulled out of, so naturally I hit the brake and began to slow down, not wanting to ruin my brakes I did not slam on them. I end up on this guy’s bumper because my speed has been reduced from 45 mph to 30 mph.
Outraged and shocked I begin riding this guy’s bumper to get him to accelerate to a decent speed. Well this idiot decides that he doesn’t like what I’m doing and he slams on his brakes, almost hitting his car I slam on my brakes as well. I couldn’t believe this guy was insulting my intelligence by slamming on his brakes. If you do not want someone riding your bumper, then go the speed limit you moron. I hate those people who will ride someone’s bumper when they are doing the speed limit. But when someone is going 15 mph’s below the speed limit I think it is every American’s right to ride that car’s bumper.
My point is that we as Americans should have the right to ride someone’s bumper if some idiot does not know how to drive. We need to take it upon ourselves to self regulate the roads and get rid of these horrible, stupid and ultimately flawed drivers.
It is clear the police are going to do nothing to this mama’s boy who can not drive the speed limit. So we as a people need to say, “NO, we will not accept this, what you are doing is wrong!!”
We as a people should be able to report this to the police. Yes I know they are busy solving robberies, murders and spending quality time at Dunkin Donuts but this is an issue that must be addressed. We should be able to give police these people’s license plate numbers so they can look out for them.
These are the people who should be getting tickets, not the person who is going 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit. What kind of world would this be if people didn’t speed a little? A very slow one.
I must say that I am also guilty, at times, of pulling out in front of people. But I do not slow down to antagonize the person.
I swallow my pride and attempt to reach the speed limit as quickly as possible as not to upset the person I just rudely cut off. So the next time your on the road and you cut someone else off, think about how they feel and how if they had it their way you probably would not be here anymore.
On the road, use common sense and common decency and in the end we can make this world a better place.